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Administrative panel data

The panel covers a 50 percent random sample of the Hungarian population aged 5-74 in 2002. Members of the panel are followed from January 2003 to December 2011, on a monthly basis. The data records their employment status, type of employment relationship, 4-digit occupation, earnings and selected financial variables of their employers. Workers employed by the same firm can be identified. For people out of employment the data record their receipt of various transfers such as UI, UA, pension, disability payment and child care allowance, registration at a labor office, employment program participation, and participation in education (for a part of the observed period). Gender, age and several time-varying proxies of health status are available but educational attainment and region are unrecorded, except for a part of the sample. The data set has been compiled and is currently subject to quality checking. (the data is commissioned and compiled by the Institute's DataBank)