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Census district data 2014

The data set covers 43,000 census districts of Hungary - small geographical units inhabited by an average of 200 people. The data contains information on the neighbourhoods’ kindergartens, schools, higher education premises, health institutions and firms (firm branches). Information on the availability of other districts, within a range of about 150 km, by means of public transport is available (distance, travel time and travelling costs). Researchers permanently or temporarily affiliated with the Institute have the possiblity to merge these data using the 2011 Census and/or firm registers, which enables them to determine the geograhically relevant environment of 10 million individuals and over 1 million firms. The data can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from the analysis of ethnic segregation and transport networks to real estate pricing and locational decisions. The data set was recently acquired and subject to testing. (the data is commissioned and compiled by the Institute's DataBank)